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  • Do you accept insurance?
    I do not currently accept or direct bill any insurance companies or health maintenance organizations for my services. Philosophically, I believe that sharing your treatment information with insurance providers may jeopardize your confidentiality and privacy and can have unintended adverse affects. Should you wish to submit your expenses for reimbursement, I will provide a statement called a "superbill" to assist you in being reimbursed. Payment remains the responsibility of the client.
  • Do you treat anxiety, depression, stress, etc.?
    Yes... I primarily work from a transdiagnostic or even non-diagnostic model of psychological distress. I view labels like anxiety, depression and stress, etc. as broad generalizations of distressful symptoms. Our work together is aimed at reducing or eliminating the distress.
  • Do you treat couples?
    Yes... I work with couples and adult individuals on issues causing distress in their relationships or affecting their ability to have healthy relationships.
  • Do you see clients in person?
    Yes, although my practice is mostly online. I work with client from the Palm Springs area

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