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Congratulations and welcome!

You just took the first step toward change in your life and I am happy to help you create a new path for yourself.  Together we will work collaboratively on aspects of your life you want to change, adapt or completely re-write.  You are about to embark upon an exciting process.

Hey I'm Leo

The way I work, simply put, is all about you. It’s about your goals and what is important for you to achieve.   Some describe me as “lovingly confrontational”. This means I will not only witness your growth process and encourage you; but I will also tell you whenever I feel you are preventing yourself from becoming the person you want to be.

I utilize our time together to build a relationship that ultimately serves to achieve your goals and create a happier, fuller life.


A good therapist never assumes to know exactly what you are experiencing. That's why I take the "curiosity approach". I will ask you questions with the goal of understanding exactly what is happening with you.

For example, if you tell me, "I'm anxious", I will not assume what that means to you based on my own beliefs, but rather be curious, ask questions and try to learn more about what that means to you.

Nobody knows your life better than yourself. Together, we can collaborate and find solutions and changes you want to implement.

You Know Yourself Best

Online and In-Person Therapy

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Meditate at the beach

Numerous studies have shown that online therapy is just as effective as traditional therapy. 


You have the freedom to schedule appointments when you feel there is something you need to work on.


Online therapy helps protect your privacy and excludes the chance of running into someone you know in the waiting room.

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Please note: Not all issues may be appropriate for online work. I can help advise you if online therapy may be the right fit for you.

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